Green spaces

Located between the city and the country, AeroliansParis plans its development in harmony with the geography of the site. Indeed, an orthogonal grid following the layout of the natural land and taking up the old farming paths structures the organisation of the public spaces of AeroliansParis.

With 35 hectares of public green spaces, the park offers an outstanding work environment for companies and their employees.

Between the business park to the east, the Vallée du Sausset, il located the park of the Pointe Sud, the green lung of AeroliansParis. It promotes biodiversity in the park, in particular with a wet meadow, a dry grassland, a wood and an orchard (apple, cherry and plum trees). 64 plant species are present here.

The development of the Pointe Sud park makes it possible to create a space for walks and leisure for the inhabitants and employees of AeroliansParis companies, promote biodiversity, and limit pollution.

Water preservation

Grand Paris Aménagement wanted to make AeroliansParis an exemplary project with regard to environmental policy, in particular through an innovative and virtuous management of rainwater.

Present all over the park, valley gutters enable the collection, storage and infiltration of rainwater. They beneficially replace the traditional rainwater drainage systems with pipes, enabling a natural resupply of the groundwater in rivers and streams.

Using retention basins, water infiltrates directly into the ground, thus irrigating the vegetation and making it possible to treat pollutants that may be present in rainwater by means of a phyto-purification mechanism.

This project won a prize during a call for projects from the Seine-Normandy Water Agency “Sustainable rainwater management in urban development” in October 2015.


Environmental policy

Since the combination of quality commitment and environmental responsibility contributes to the well-being of employees and the performance of companies, AeroliansParis is part of an urban development approach based on:

a high-quality working environment in both urban and landscape terms.

the implementation of a complete range of services

public installations and buildings of high environmental quality

the hosting of innovative companies

AeroliansParis‘ environmental approach is ISO 14001 certified.

The first 6 beehives of the park were installed near Silk Road. A partnership initiated by Grand Paris Aménagement with a Belgian laboratory enables the analysis of the evolution of the quality of the air and the fauna of the park using the harvested honey.

This development is a precursor to a global approach to the development of urban agriculture in the sector.

Sustainable commitments and innovative solutions aim to ensure the quality of the working environment for the employees and at the same time preserve the environment:

• Realisation of routes for soft modes

• Setup of public transport on its own site

• Collective and sustainable waste management

• Protection of water resources and biodiversity

• Processing and recycling of green waste

• Commitment to renewable energy…

Other projects will arise, such as an urban farm, the creation of a Materials Section for waste management, etc.

The Management Centre is ever conscious of the park’s future in sustainable terms and commits to a responsible future.